Are motion graphics missing from your brand?

3 motion graphics your brand may be missing.

1. Animated Logo

First off, let us define what an ‘animated’ logo is.

An animated logo is a company’s logo revealed in a creative way. In a way that tells the brand’s story and conveys more than just a neat animation. A good brand logo animation subtly shows what a brand offers. Look at these animated logos below! They are great examples of good logo animations.

These company’s utilized a motion graphic designer (or an entire agency) to bring their visual brand to life. Should you do the same?

Do you want your brand to stand out on a phone screen while someone, a potential customer, is mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or Facebook? It may be time to invest in your brand and get some motion in the social media ocean!

Where can animated logos be used?

Almost anywhere!

2. Social Media Animations


Animated videos on social media are more effective than static graphics and photos. By utilizing an animator, companies can convey more information in an effective and engaging manner. Animated content also elevates production value! It shows customers and followers that you are investing in your brand.

Smaller videos such as the one below are great examples of simple content that can be posted anytime!

According to Insivia, every year, mobile video consumption rises by 100%. That means if your brand isn’t using any form of video on their social media, then they are missing a huge market.

3. Advertising and Marketing

Blackstick Facebook Ad, Dura Edge

Including animations in video ads on Facebook is important. Facebook auto plays videos without audio. Including text animations on screen will convey messages even without audio playing. On top of conveying information, the animations will entice a viewer to direct their attention to the video. Motion Graphics are attention grabbing!

Nowadays producing a commercial can be as simple as purchasing stock footage and cutting an ad together. Once you have a video cut together, you can then add motion graphics to really make your brand POP. If you can’t afford to hire a motion graphic designer, there is another option!

Utilize templates and pre-made elements! An awesome website that has a few basic elements is that also takes requests for specific designs. This website has options at a fraction of the cost of other websites. More advanced websites that come at a higher price are Envato, RocketStock, and Motion Array. Motion graphics are a key element to video and branding. Whether you can hire a freelancer to create animations or you can utilize template websites, it is important to stay on top of trends. Keeping your business trendy and current on social media is extremely important.

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