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Who is Dan?

Dan is a video content creator. He works with brands and agencies to create video content for websites, social media ad campaigns, and digital marketing.


Attended Point Park University from May 2012 – May of 2016, graduating with a bachelors in cinema production with a concentration in directing. After my undergraduate schooling, I obtained a position as a video editor and motion graphic designer with a local marketing agency. There I began my career and gained experience working within an agency. With my experience gained their, I pursued freelancing full-time. I became independently contracted with a production team in the Pittsburgh area. During my time as a contractor, I curated animations, motion graphics, camera operated, edited and field produced content for many different clients, including an international airline. I honed all of my skills and abilities in the two years I spent working as an independent contractor. In the Summer of 2018, I took a month away from freelancing and had the opportunity to direct my first feature film, That’s Amore, starring Tammy Pescatelli & Dave Petti. Once production wrapped, I was offered a content creator position with a local agency. There I was head of production and post-production, working closely with web designers and digital marketers. After my time at that agency, I went into business for myself. Here we are today! I am a video content creator with agency experience, knowledge of digital marketing, and a cinematic background. I can create a cinematic image that performs in marketing efforts.

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